Results of a hair transplant: Here is the before-and-after difference!

Ahead of every hair transplantation there is always this one question: Will I look better after the procedure than I did before? Therefore, many of those who are concerned are looking for a meaningful comparison. In this article, we will inform you about the result, the after-care and the possibilities of a hair transplant.
Hair transplantion is a solution for getting rid of a high forehead, regaining a full head of hair and achieving even and regular hair growth. However, even though in the vast majority of cases the results are highly satisfactory, many men and women want to know beforehand if the procedure will be actually worth it. Which, of course, is completely understandable!

Transplanting hair – what exactly is the procedure?

The approach of a hair transplantation is taking the clients’ own hair out of a donor area – usually the back of the head – and implanting it onto the bald area. Thereby, the hair is refilled and is going to have a thicker growth afterwards.

First, the strongest hair follicles in the donor area are being determined either by machine or by the medical specialist. Next, they are getting extracted and in the last step re-implanted in the impacted area. In the best case, a good result can already be achieved after one procedure of this kind.

Within one year you will gain more volume in the hair without visible traces such as scars for example. Due to highly advanced techniques the treatment is performed minimally invasive and with very low risk.

Hair transplantation with FUE method

The FUE method is a particularly gentle treatment by which hair follicles are being extracted with a tiny cupped needle (0,8 mm thick). Instead of a visible scar in the donor area, which remains for instance with the strip method, you don’t need to fear any visible tracks.

By this minimally invasive practice the damages to the surrounding skin tissue as well as to the adjacent hair remain as small as possible. Usually within just a matter of days these small wounds will have healed completely.

However, one implication of the treatment is unavoidable: shaving the spot of hair withdrawal. But the shaved area can be kept as narrow as possible in order to be covered up by the rest of the surrounding hairs.

Thanks to local anesthesia, the procedure is painless for you. Though after the hair transplant you may experience slight feelings of tension, you don’t need to be scared for unbearable symptoms. After only 10 days, you are fully „socially acceptable“ again.

Incidentally, the modern FUE procedure is also used for eyebrow and beard transplants. The specialists at My Perfect Hair Clinic make sure that the best results will be achieved.

Comparison in a hair transplant: What is the before-and-after difference?

According to German Drug Advertisement Act, it is legally prohibited in Germany to publish so-called “before-and-after pictures” on the Internet. The reason for this is firstly the well-being of the patient and secondly the prohibition to publish pictures of procedures or surgeries whose success cannot be guaranteed.

Since 2005 the act encompasses beauty surgery interventions, which as well entails hair transplantations.

Qualified hair surgeons refrain from so-called “misleading formulations” in conversations. These are, according to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS):

  • “Scar-free surgery”
  • “No incision”
  • “Not a trace”
  • “Without cutting”
  • “Clone”
  • “Hair Multiplication”
  • “Non-invasive”
  • “Additional measures are not needed”
  • “Painless”

In order for you to still be able to get an idea of the result you can expect from a hair transplant, the following graphic will serve as an overview:


Based on natural hair density (60 to 70 grafts per cm2), up to 70% of the natural hair density can be achieved in a first hair transplantation with 40 to 45 grafts per cm2. The rate of growth is very individual: Expected is a growth rate of 75 to 95% (which corresponds to about 50-66% of the natural hair density). In the worst case, only half of the natural hair density can be achieved.

In order to achieve the perfect hair density in particularly visible places, for example when adjusting the female hairline or an eyebrow transplant, usually at least two procedures are required. In the first round the, so to speak, base cover is made which is brought as far as possible to the natural hair density in one, sometimes several, further compacting transplantation.

The basic rule is: the larger the area to be treated, the lower the possible hair density can be.

Is a hair transplant worth it?

The answer is yes and no. Basically, a hair transplant is a very safe procedure that can help you get fuller hair and look younger. However, like any other surgery, the procedure is subject to certain conditions.

A 100% guarantee can never be given just because no one can know in advance how your body will respond to the treatment and whether the transplanted hair roots are actually growing naturally.

The type of alopecia you are affected by is also crucial for the outcome. Not all types – such as the circular hair loss for example – can be remedied with a hair transplant.

An important requirement is that there are enough strong hair roots in the donor area that can be transplanted. If you’re now looking into the mirror and considering a treatment futile – don’t worry. Also, a hair transplant with body grafts is a possibility.

When fighting against hair loss, a hair transplant is indeed the only solution that will help in the long run. This is because many drugs for hair growth have to be taken permanently while the own-hair transplantation can lead to success after just one operation. Afterwards you can look forward to permanent hair growth without having to lose hair again or the need to regularly take or apply medication.

Price per graft: How much does a hair transplant cost?

Also, the financial aspect should not be disregarded in the question of whether a hair transplantation is worthwhile. Basically, this treatment is an aesthetic intervention that has to be paid in full by yourself and is not covered by any health insurance.

The cost of hair transplant depends on the extent of the treatment. The decisive factor is the number of grafts needed to achieve the desired result.

Your advantage with My Perfect Hair Clinic: Our specialists can estimate exactly how many grafts are needed in the first consultation, both in women and men with signs of hair loss, receding hairline or balding baldness. On the basis of this a fixed price will be agreed upon which will not change after the treatment. You therefore don’t need to worry about any additional costs.


Hair loss, receding hairline and bald spots are a thing of the past

Yes, you heard right. Having a hair transplant can actually make you look different afterwards. You’ll look younger, more attractive and healthier.

An experienced specialist like My Perfect Hair Clinic can tell you in the first consultation how many hair roots you need to be transplant and what kind of result you can hope for. Whether you suffer from slight receding hairline, a bald spot at the back of the head, an advanced bald head, or gaps in the eyebrows or beard, a hair transplant is the optimal solution for many affected ones.

The special advantage of hair roots can be used excellently here: they never lose their genetic information in the course of a lifetime. Therefore, after a successful hair transplant permanent hair growth is guaranteed. Because the hair roots which provided sufficient growth before the intervention in the donor area, will continue to do so even after the treatment in their new place.

Your result: Thicker hair, even hair growth, no hair loss again.

Conclusion: You can expect this after the hair transplant

Before hair transplantation, it is important for many patients to know what outcome they can expect from the procedure. In Germany, it is forbidden by the German Drug Advertising Act to publish pictures of patients before and after treatment. However, having a hair transplant can stop your hair loss once and for all.

Thanks to a treatment precisely individually tailored for you, bald spots in the hair, receding hairline and gaps in the eyebrows or beard can be filled. My Perfect Hair Clinic accompanies you from the first consultation to the finished result.
Thicker hair, no more hair loss and a younger look. A result that really can be shown off!

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